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Game-Based Learning in Sociology 

Here are some examples of resources from SOTL that I've incorporated into my courses and found good success with.  

"Making Marx Accessible:
Understanding Alienated Labor
through Experiential Learning"

Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 7.17.20 PM.png

Parrotta, Kylie L. and Alison R. Buck. 2022. "Making Marx Accessible:

Understanding Alienated Labor

through Experiential Learning." Teaching Sociology 41(4): 360-369.

I use this simulation activity in my Introduction to Sociology course at Walla Walla Community College to teach conflict theory and Marx's concept of alienation. 

Teaching Social Stratification through a Bridge Building Activity

Unidentified credit -- if you know to whom I can provide credit for this activity, please contact me! 

I read about this activity years ago, and cannot find the original source. This activity teaches social stratification through a conflict perspective. In this activity, students are broken up into five groups: the government, the architects, the masons, the excavators, and the maintenance workers. The community has $10,000 to fund the rebuild of the only bridge that connects their island community to the mainland. They must negotiate their fees to find agreeable terms by all parties in order to build the bridge to ensure access to the vital resources on the mainland.

Constrcution Under Bridge
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